5 Most Expensive Ping Pong Paddles

5 Most Expensive Ping Pong Paddles

Ping pong, otherwise known as table tennis, is an exciting and fun-filled sport which involves two or four people. This game is played on a large table. The players are positioned at each end of the table, and they hit a small lightweight ball back and forth across the table using small flat ping-pong equipment with a handle, called paddle; some call it a racket.

Ping pong can be played for fun or for competitions that involve profit. It requires swiftness and alertness. Asides knowing the technical know-how, you also need the right paddle to balance your ball, spin it for greater advantage and give a good hit.

For those playing ping pong for fun, any kind of paddle might seem ok, but if you are planning to step up your game, then you need more than just any kind of paddle.

5 Most Expensive Ping Pong Paddles

Getting a perfect paddle might seem tasking but do not get all worked up, I have brought to you 5 expensive paddles you can get. Expensive is effective, right? Let’s get on to business right away.

Killerspin JET800 Speed N1 Ping Pong Paddle

This paddle is one of the ‘hot babes’ on the field. It is only meant for serious players who have planned to go extra miles to step up their game.

This paddle embraces a little bit of aggressiveness as it is designed with 7-ply composite wood and carbon fiber blade, which helps to dish out powerful shot and accuracy. This blade consists of 5 layers of premium wood sandwiched between 2 layers of carbon fiber.

Also featuring Nitrx-4Z rubbers, you can grip on ball strikes perfectly and give heavy-spin services. With these rubbers, your shots are always served precisely and accurately; missing should TV is definitely out of the way.

It also comes with a memory book where you can record scores, collect signatures, and write personalized messages; advanced right?

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Butterfly Andrzej Grubba Blade with Sriver EL 2.1 Rubbers Pro-Line

Are you looking for something cute and at the same time, professional? I can assure you that you are covered with Butterfly Andrez Grubba Paddle. With this paddle, you can always show off to your friends and as well have full control of the game.

It features a straight handle and a paddle made from high-quality wood material, covered with an all-around rubber; the paddle blade head is semi-wide and perfect for defensive play. This paddle commands exceptional speed and spin. With it, your strokes are improved.

The butterfly Andrezj Grubba Blade weighs 90gm, and this might seem a little bit heavy for newbies.

Butterfly Viscaria-FL Blade with Flared Handle

It comes with a hefty price tag, which might seem outrageous but believe me; this is a paddle with a considerable difference. History has it that this paddle is part of the success stories of World Champions like Zhang Jike, Lin Gaoyuan, and many other famous players.

It features a high-quality carbon blade that is light, flexible, and absorbs shock. The blade has a compact head size, which makes it ideal for defense, and it still provides amazing shots back from the table.

However, the head is a bit heavy, which is why it is geared towards professional players who can handle its aggressiveness without losing control.

Killerspin RTG Diamond TC Professional Table Tennis Racket

This one is even higher than the Butterfly Viscaria-FL. Majorly for professionals. If you are a ping pong player who is in for an ultra-fast dynamic game, then this is the best you can ever get.

The paddle is made with two layers of Titanium Carbon and 5 layers of wood. With head dimensions of 6 x 6ΒΌ, you are sure to get great control of the ball without missing a shot. It combines a level of speed and spin that can only be professional.

The paddle is covered with high-tension Fortissimo rubbers that perfectly absorbs shock and reduces friction. Not only is this paddle durable and useful, but it also has a killer design that turns head.

Believe me, everything about this racket speaks excellence.

Butterfly Joo Se Hyuk-ST Blade with Straight Handle

The Butterfly Joo Se Hyuk is also one hell of a paddle, great for defense and offense. It is named after Joo Se Hyuk, one of the greatest players that table tennis has ever encountered. This racket, no doubt, has topnotch qualities that earned it the name of a famous player.

It is designed with five layers of wood and weighs 97gm. It also features a comfortable handle. This is a little bit higher than the weight of other paddles. In spite of its heavyweight, it performs excellently well, both as a chopper and a blocker. It is designed for a defensive play.

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