JOOLA Inside Table Tennis Table Review

JOOLA Inside Table Tennis Table Review

The JOOLA brand has succeeded in making one of the most popular indoor table tennis tables on the market today. There are many reasons why you may want to buy a table tennis table; you may enjoy playing at your leisure time, or you may need a table to practice so you can develop your table tennis skills and techniques, whatever the reason is, you want your table tennis table to be functional and durable.

This is the reason why this review will focus on one of the best indoor table tennis table – the JOOLA Inside Table Tennis Table. Now, let us talk about some of the features of this table tennis table.

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Table Top

The JOOLA Inside Table Tennis Table comes with a playing top that has a thickness of 15mm. In reality, the table is a little too thin, and it will cause the ball not to bounce well as it will when compared to a thicker table. However, it is still an excellent indoor table for leisure and table tennis practice.

If you are a professional and you are looking for a standard table that will help you improve your game, the JOOLA Inside Table Tennis Table may not be the best for you, but if you are looking for a table for recreational games and personal training, then you can go for this table as it is will serve you well.


Being an indoor table, it has a lightweight design that makes it very easy to move from one place to another. Mobility is a significant factor in indoor table tennis tables because you may have to move them often. This table comes with 1.5 diameter steel legs that give the required stability.

The undercarriage is powder-coated to avoid rust, but in general, there have been reports of warping when exposed to high heat and humidity. If you want to get the best out of this table, be ready to put it in a cool and dry place. The design is straightforward and functional.


This is a significant thing that you have to consider before you buy anything, including a table tennis table. The good news is that the JOOLA Inside Table Tennis Table comes at a great price. If we consider the durability and functionality, comparing the table to other similar tables, the price is very reasonable.

The table costs around $380.94, which is quite reasonable for a table tennis table. The only thing people have complained about is the thickness of the surface, which gives a poor bounce when it is used.


Another important thing you should consider before buying a table tennis table is how easy it is to assemble the set. Having to get an expert to help you set your table up can cost you money and time.

The good news is that this table is straightforward to assemble with no hassle. In as little as 20 minutes, you can totally assemble the whole set and start using it.

First, you attach the bracket wheels to the legs, and then, you attach the bracket wheels to the legs, and then you move on to the two separate halves that will be held together by the net system. Ease of assembly is one of the things people look at before buying a table tennis table if this is what you are after the JOOLA Inside Table Tennis Table is perfect for you.


The table offers some other bells and whistles that are very hard to beat. Two of these things are the price and the ease of assembly; for people who need a recreational table, the JOOLA Inside Table Tennis Table is very affordable when you compare it to tables from other brands.

Also, it is very easy to assemble; the only thing you will have to fix is the bracket wheels; after that, everything straightforward.


This table may not be suitable for professional players and people who are looking to go into table tennis professionally, primarily because of the thickness.

The thickness of the table offers so little bounce that when you train with it and then play in a competitive game, the difference will show.

If you want a game of recreational table tennis, this table is perfect for you; however, if you are a professional, then you should look at other tables.


The JOOLA Inside Table Tennis Table is one of the tables you can get at such price that will serve you well. If you can overlook the bounce it gives, then you should definitely go for it. It is durable, easy to assemble, and affordable.

There are a few table tennis tables out there that will offer you the same features as this table and at the same price.

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