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With the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, it seems only natural to talk about this beautiful continent. Not the Africa of poverty, conflicts and capable Africa of Football Made in Africa, or the grassroot portrait of a continent that lives, thrives and enthuses on football!

Every episode offers an original angle on a story, a slice of everyday life, where football is present everywhere. From the production of goals in the outskirts of Maputo to the atmosphere in bars where matches are aired on tiny TV screens, the harvesting of rubber tree waste to make balls or the beaches of Cameroon where fishermen use their nets to play. The films are funny and poetic snapshots that reflect the unique imagination and energy of the African continent.

Football Made in Africa demonstrates all the creativity and dynamism of the peoples obliged to deploy a fair amount of cleverness and resourcefulness on a daily basis to be able to indulge in their passion: football.

Football Made in Africa is a canvas on which African society is painted. The different episodes are the colours, applied one by one, that produce a diversified picture of today's Africa.

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- Libre Momento - November 14, 2009

Since the first Deep Forest album ‘til now, Eric Mouquet has thrived on exploring and producing music that integrated sounds and voices of different ethnicities around the world, mixing them with technology
and sensitivity.

He has embraced the saying of his master Joe Zawinul "play electric, sound acoustic". "Deep Africa" is the newest project of this composer. This time around, he collaborates with Cameroonian singer Blick Bassy who, with his jazz and soul influences, and his inspiration rooted in the bassa culture, also combines modern and traditional sounds...

Encounter, sharing, generosity, authenticity, creativity, originality… As many words that characterise this musical coincidence and that we had chosen to define our project. "Football Made In Africa" and "Deep Africa", an ultimate encounter which gives meaning and dimension to both projects.

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Take Five has been active in the Belgian television and film industry for the past decade. The company has a young and creative team structured into production and technical divisions, as well as a production centre for both fiction and non-fiction (documentaries and reports).

With the football World Cup coming up in 2010 in South Africa, the blue planet will turn around the white ball throughout the year. This event has tremendous appeal for the media and advertisers, so we have anticipated the future demand for production in this connection. We have deliberately chosen to focus on the African continent. In the last few years, we have built up and consolidated production relays in a majority of countries, enabling us to adopt flexible and economic organisation and logistics modes. Our teams' knowledge of the local reality has also been put to the test on several occasions, sharpening their vision and talent each time. Based on this experience and know-how, as well as our enthusiasm, we would like to present the TV collection "Football Made in Africa".

Yasha, is the other side of the coin. Gregory Zalcman comes from the world of full-length feature films. He brings to this tandem specific narration and film techniques and expertise in other film related fields. Create beauty with little means; a pragmatic approach to filmmaking combined with a strong desire to tell stories and a personal touch.

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Alon Knoll

Take Five - Avenue du Roi, 52 - B-1060 Brussels - Belgium
E: - M: 0032 (0)475 93 55 00
T: 0032 (0)2 534 66 36 - F: 0032 (0)2 537 58 41

Gregory Zalcman

Take Five - Avenue du Roi, 52 - B-1060 Brussels - Belgium
E: - M: 0032 (0)476 53 27 07
T: 0032 (0)2 534 66 36 - F: 0032 (0)2 537 58 41

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